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Travelling with Children

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Why two eyes are not enough to drive in India

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  With all the hooting and cars swinging from one side of the road to the other across multiple lanes, it’s like a jungle on Indian roads. To the uninitiated it might look like things are happening haphazardly, but the truth is that there is a method to this road madness.    I was lucky to experience a ride full of the unexpected recently. I got a chance to see the impossible happening first-hand. Who
Travelling on a budget is not for the faint-hearted. It’s also not for those who love perfect plans. As they say, a good plan is better than a perfect one that is never executed. Read on to find out why.    We had no idea that a 4×4 vehicle is a must for driving into the Moremi National Park in Botswana   Not long ago I travelled to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia with
Men like taking risks. That’s a fact. They take risks when  learning, playing, sitting and even sleeping. In fact, they do it all the time. Do women earn the right to live longer? I am guilty of a few sins myself. No wonder we die early, right? I guess you have heard of men sitting in the bathtub with laptops connected to electricity, or men sitting on top of moving trains, buses, cars, or falling

Budget travelling can make you creative

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We never planned to specialise in budget travelling. Circumstances forced this on us. And we don’t regret. Here is why. Oops! This big fellow has just noticed us. It’s time to run. Imagine for a moment that it’s the early 90s.  You are a poor student in a far away country. Thousands of kilometres away from home.   On another continent to be exact. In a country that recently transformed from communism to capitalism.